Online Captcha Work at Home without Investment

There are many work available online for part time earnings. Online captcha work is one of them. In this user will earn by solving the code. You can start this job easily from home. This work can be started without investment. There is top vacancies going on for this work. The nature of these works are internet technology. Being a latest work type it is becoming most popular in India. There is good and growing earning potential in internet earning today. And we have for 2016 members.

What is Online Captcha Work?

Captcha Entry Jobs
Captcha Entry Jobs

It is a combination of numbers and characters which are jumbled and mixed to generate some random code. Usually it contain 4-8 characters. You may already have entered the code for an account online. These code prevent websites from auto programs in scripting language online. The role of captcha is very important in securing online world.

Types of Captcha Work – Puzzle Entry Jobs:

There are many types of work for captcha job available online. If you want to start this work, you need to understand all the types of captcha codes. It is somewhat similar to sms sending jobs online, as it also need to type few words like sms job. Solving each code will make you earn money. The amount you can earn per solved code varies from Rs.1 to Rs.10. But the work is easy and simple. Anyone who can read and understand will able to start this work.

1. Online Text Captcha Work without Investment

Its name explains itself. There is text jumbled word code given to you. Your job is read and solve it. You need to type it in the mentioned box exactly same format. These are now less popular online. You will rarely see them.

2. Online Image Captcha Job Work from Home

In this there is a image with random code. You will need to read it and understand what it is. Then write the characters in the box given. These codes may have some lines or shapes over the text. These may also contains some blurry background.

3. Online Maths Captcha Entry Jobs Part Time

You will be given a simple mathematical work. There may be two or three numbers that need to add or subtract. Usually this is basic calculation job. Don’t worry, it is way much easier than you think. The calculator will not required because it will be super easy calculation.

4. Video Online Captcha

Now this is the latest form of code solving work. Today it is most used form in internet. There will be a video that you will play to see the code. After you seen then code, just type it down in the box there. It very easy to do also.

How to Start Captcha Entry Jobs Online

Online Captcha Work
Online Captcha Work

Starting this job work is easy and simple. Basic english and basic computer knowledge is required. Many types of captcha work available for you. Like it can ask for todays date, month, etc. Or it can ask a easy question with options to select answer below. Just follow the captcha entry job work that you are give. You will get familiar with it soon.

There are some basic needs for this work.

This is one of the work that we serve our member for online earnings. You will require following to start online captcha typing jobs.

  • English Language Knowledge
  • Basic Computer Operating Skills
  • Internet Working Knowledge
  • Spare Part Time of 2-3 Hrs./Day
  • A Computer with Internet Connection